WHSmith Opening Hours

WHSmith is a Shopping Book Store, Local Services Newspaper Kiosk with 1089 shops in the United Kindgom. You can find them in 933 different cities where they serve their clients. The town that has the most WHSmith stores is London with 59 shops. The second most important city regarding the number of stores of this brand is Birmingham with 20 points of sale. Other locations like Liverpool have 14 shops. Bristol with 12 shops, Glasgow with 11 shops.

WHSmith PLC (also known as WHS or colloquially as Smith's, and formerly W. H. Smith & Son) is a British retailer, headquartered in Swindon, Wiltshire, which operates a chain of high street, railway station, airport, port, hospital and motorway service station shops selling books, stationery, magazines, newspapers, entertainment products and confectionary.

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