About us

Who are you?

We're based in Switzerland and we make opening hours accessible the easiest way possible for our visitors. We started more than 10 years ago, we do it worldwide and we love what we do. As you may know, our country is well known for it's precision and well crafted products, so let us guide you.


Our goal is to make opening times available for everyone in one place. No bullshit, we just want to deliver the most accurate and up-to-date information.

As a consumer, you want to make sure that you won't be in front of a closed door. That's why we're doing it.

As a retailer, you want your customers to quickly and easily find you. Showing your opening times with us will attract more customers. And yeah, it's free, even for you!


We gather opening times in the public domain and a good part is from crowdsourcing. Our experience so far has demonstrated that the most trusted source is you. That's why we read and answer every message we receive.


Even if opening times are what we want to provide first, we also publish other information like phone numbers, addresses, locations, availables services and more. We deliver lightspeed loading time on our pages for mobile and desktop to enhance your experience.

How can we contact you?

If you have something to share, go ahead and contact us! We're always happy to have feedbacks!