Who are you? Why do you do what you do? How do you it? What do you do?

Good questions! Please take a look at our about page. Everything is there.

How can I add my business to your website?

Actually we only add businesses on demand. In the near future, you'll be able to do it yourself. If you want to appear on our pages, just drop us a message on the contact page with all the required informations: Name of the business, address, postcode, opening times, information about your business that you want to appear, website, telephone number and everything else that you think could be helpful to our visitors.

How can I modify or update my page?

Let us know by contacting us directly.

How to contact shops or businesses that appear on your website?

Please contact them directly. We don't transmit messages. You can usually find how to contact them on their website. Sometimes you can contact them by phone if it appears on our pages.

Does the opening times are 100% correct?

We make our best to have the most up-to-date opening hours as possible. We rely on what can be found on the internet and also on crowdsourcing. Sometimes, the official opening hours are not the same when it comes to reality check. That's why we take seriously what you guys can teach us about the real opening times.

I found some mistakes on your websites, what can I do?

Please inform us and we'll update as soon as possible. Share your knowledge and you will help our community to get the most precise information as possible.

Do you have all special holidays opening times?

Sometimes we can deliver these kind of information. All specials opening times are clearly displayed when they are available. If not, we put a notice informing that we don't have them.

How much does it cost?

Everything is free. If you want to add your local business to our database, you won't be charged. Yey!

How can I help?

If you're happy with our service, drop us a message. If you're not, let us know how we can improve!

How can we contact you?

If you have a suggestion or a questoin, feel free to contact us! We'll always listen to you!