Asda Opening Hours

Asda is a Food and Drinks Store, Clothing Clothing Store with 633 shops in the United Kindgom. You can find them in 632 different cities where they serve their clients. The town that has the most Asda stores is London with 12 shops. The second most important city regarding the number of stores of this brand is Leeds with 11 points of sale. Other locations like Manchester have 10 shops. Glasgow with 9 shops, Birmingham with 8 shops.

Asda aim is to offer Britain’s best value weekly shop with prices that are independently shown to be lower than their main competitors, and with an excellent mix of fresh food, grocery, clothing, home, leisure and entertainment goods. ASDA now has over 525 stores across the UK and has been part of the Wal-Mart family since 1999. They employ 160,000 perons and they have a well-deserved reputation for being the best and the friendliest in the industry. Their stores are all Stores of the Community as they play a positive part in all aspects of life in their local community from establishing a new local supplier to working with the emergency services in the area. Last year Asda raised £1.2 million for charities.

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