Toolstation Opening Hours

Toolstation is a Shopping DIY Store, Shopping Home and Garden with 317 shops in the United Kindgom. You can find them in 316 different cities where they serve their clients. The town that has the most Toolstation stores is London with 22 shops. The second most important city regarding the number of stores of this brand is Bristol with 5 points of sale. Other locations like Sheffield have 4 shops. Glasgow with 4 shops, Leeds with 3 shops.

Toolstation Ltd is a large United Kingdom and European Union direct sale and online supplier of trade tools, accessories and hardware products. The company's head office and main distribution centre is in Bridgwater, Somerset where it is a major employer for the area. This is supplemented by 300+ branches across the United Kingdom, and large stock warehouses in Redditch, Daventry and Bridgwater. There is also an operation in the Netherlands with direct mail facilities and 20+ branches.

Source Wikipedia
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