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GAME is a Shopping Games with 287 shops in the United Kindgom. You can find them in 287 different cities where they serve their clients. The town that has the most GAME stores is London with 8 shops. The second most important city regarding the number of stores of this brand is Glasgow with 6 points of sale. Other locations like Birmingham have 4 shops. Edinburgh with 4 shops, Manchester with 3 shops.

Game Digital plc is the parent company of Game Retail Limited, a British video game company that trades under the Game brand, stylised as GAME. The company's origins lie in the founding of the Rhino Group by Terry Norris and Bev Ripley in 1991. A number of mergers and acquisitions followed during the 1990s, and in 1999, the company was purchased by Electronics Boutique Limited, which rebranded itself as The Game Group. The company continued to expand during the 2000s, purchasing several retailers including Gameswizards in Australia. In March 2012, several suppliers, including Nintendo, Electronic Arts and Capcom refused to supply their latest products due to concerns over Game's creditworthiness. Game subsequently entered administration on 26 March 2012, and was purchased by OpCapita the following week. Baker Acquisitions was subsequently renamed Game Retail Ltd. The company operated in the United Kingdom under the Game and Gamestation brands from the acquisition of the latter in May 2007 until the end of 2012, when it was announced that the business would focus solely on the Game brand.

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